Stapling christmas lights to shingles

New House, roof nails or staples for shingles?. With pneumatic coil nailers, etc. I cannot understand why ANYONE would even consider stapling. While I'm not a roofing contractor, the idea seems. Adams Christmas 5150-99-1040 Mighty Light Clip, 100-Pack Adams mighty light clip is an exclusive, patented design that hold string lights securely on shingles and gutters.

This clip holds wires for LED, c5, c6, c7, c9, icicle, mini, and specialty. It would be better, if you want to staple, to place something UNDER the shingles sticking out that you can staple onto when you are ready to put up the lights. Good luck for this time.

Replacing sh8ngles here and there takes some doing. Use plastic shingle tabs or light clips to attach the Christmas lights to the roof. You can purchase these plastic clips at. Do not plug the lights in until after you have finished stapling them in place.

How can I hang Christmas lights on my roof without using a staple gun? My family and I just bought a new set of lights because the old ones were a definite fire hazard. Another no-no for hanging Christmas lights stapling your lights to your shingles—which is perhaps the absolute worst technique of all.

The correct and safest way to hang your holiday lights (without damaging your roof) is by way of roof clips on your gutters.

Stapling or nailing holiday lights into your shingles can damage them and ultimately cause a leak. Instead, use clips designed to securely fasten lights to shingles and gutters.

Do Use a Sturdy Ladder How to Install Christmas Lights on Wood Shingles Attaching lights along the edge of a roofline, onto shingles, can be done using two different styles of clips. You can either use the less expensive all in one plus clip or you can use the shingle tab, which is 43 primarily used on commercial buildings.

The Adams Christmas Mighty Light clips are a wonderful little addition. The clips are really strong, and clip securely to both gutters and shingles. Half of my house is gutters on the edge, and the other half is angled, so it has just shingles to the edge.

Lights on the roof shingles? Thwack - stapled. Lights in trees and foliage? Thwack - stapled. Apart from stapling right through his gloves a time or two, there were lots of problems with Clark's approach. Because in fact, for each common surface to which you might want to attach Christmas lights, there's a best. Put away your staple guns, hammers and hot glue! Christmas light. . mini led christmas lights hanging on shingles with omni all in one light clips.

OMNI All in. Nov 23, 2008 · How can I hang Christmas lights on my roof without using a staple gun? My family and I just bought a new set of lights because the old ones were a definite fire hazard. The new ones don't have clips on them. So how can we hang these on our roof without a staple gun? Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights. Attach Lights to Shutters or Shingles - To attach lights to your gutters, use an all-purpose light clip.

It works with any type of light. Hang the lights pointing up or down, just make sure they're all clipped in the same direction. If you don't have gutters, you can use the same clip to attach. Learn how to hang Christmas lights on your home and trees with this complete guide to hanging Christmas lights. on your home. The universal clip can attach to C9, C7, or Icicle lights and can be used on gutters, drip edges, and shingles.

Attach the clip to a C9 or C7 socket. Hang Christmas Lights With a Staple Gun. How to Hang Christmas Lights on a Shingle Roof. With the holiday season approaching, if you have a shingle roof it is vital to know the right way to hang your holiday lights to avoid any damage to your home’s roofing shingles.

There are a number of options that can be utilized to decorate your home in style, both easily and safely. Attaching Christmas lights to the roof line? Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Barb D, Nov 26, 2006.

DO NOT STAPLE INTO YOUR SHINGLES. EVER. IT TAKES A. Stapling Christmas Lights To The Roof It might be beautiful, however stapling Christmas lights to your roof can put even more stress on your shingles. Shingles, especially in New England, are under a lot of stress from natural weathering. The problem with stapled shingles is that they have a much greater chance of coming loose or blowing off the roof because staples are so easy to install improperly. When a roofer holds a staple gun and fastens a shingle, the staples will have a tendency to be driven at an improper angle.

Stapling anything—lights, ropes to secure Santa, etc—to your roof breaks through the barrier that protects your home from the elements. This means that moisture can get underneath your shingles or in your insulation and makes it easier for mold to grow—not to mention, it makes your home less energy efficient.

How-To Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on Stapling christmas lights to shingles Variety of Surfaces. If you’re a fan of the National Lampoon Vacation series of movies, you probably remember Clark Griswold's Christmas light installation antics in Christmas Vacation.

Can I Staple Lights to my Roof? You are here: Home Blog Can I Staple Lights to my Roof? 15 Dec 2016. Christmas lights aren’t made with quite as much care as the Mona Lisa. They blink, they cut out, and they just plain don’t work sometimes.

Call Absolute Roofing today at 417-869-0444 to find out how to take better care of your roof. Lights on the roof shingles?

Thwack - stapled. Lights on the siding? Thwack - stapled. Lights around window frames and door-jambs? Thwack - stapled. Lights in. Measure the distances along the roof before you buy your lights so you know how many strands you want to buy.

Also measure th 9 Tips for Rooftop Christmas Light Installation - Roofing Ottawa - Ottawa Roofing | Ottawa Roofing Contractor Stapling Christmas lights to the surface of the shingles is the worst thing you can do during holiday decorating. The correct way to properly hang your Christmas lights is from the gutters. Buying easy to use gutter clamps at your local hardware store is the best way you can attach the lights to. So here are some tips for hanging Christmas lights on your Arizona home's roof.

Don't put holes in your roof Fans of the movie Christmas Vacation will recall Clark Griswold putting up his lights with his trusty staple gun. How to Attach Christmas Lights Without Damaging Shingles How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights on Fascia Board Reposition the ladder to the next area; then climb it and clip the lights in place. Generally, if the answer is yes, do not proceed—especially when it comes to stapling lights to your roof.

The best way to hang holiday lights is by stringing them through plastic clips attached to your shingles, gutters and eaves. Stapling lights into your shingles is the worst idea any holiday decorator can do and should be avoided at all cost.

The proper way to hang Christmas lights should be from your gutter. You can do this by using gutter clips, specifically designed for Christmas lights.